ZoneStruct are our IT infrastructure team - specialising in scalable IT infrastructures from SoHo to Enterprise. With a strong focus on doing more with less - they deliver IT solutions with zero waste, saving both the company budget as well as the environment.

Internal Organisation IT Services:

  • Networking: routing, security and bandwidth optimisation.

  • File-, directory-, user- and device management.

  • Application services and application management.

  • Telephony (VoIP) and communication services.

  • Mobile workforce services.

Public Cloud Services:

Scalable application services, including global distribution and cross-datacenter deployments. Self-hosted or fully managed container orchestration, custom content delivery networks and more. ZoneStruct deploys the NAKARMA way - open standards, open source, low cost and low carbon.

Hybrid Cloud Services:

Keeping a clear divide between public and private facing IT services - without sacrificing interoperability. Where security is paramount - services need to be secured in-house, while keeping the doors open to leverage the best distributed cloud technologies for public facing applications and services. It’s the very inspiration for the name ZoneStruct.

Private Cloud Services:

Leveraging the best of the cloud - secured privately and on-site. Scalable application services, physical server management and functions as a service - all available for internal company use. No more idle servers, no more manual scaling, lump sum hardware investments or high-risk subscriptions. From Raspberry Pi to rackmount servers - on-site elastic computing services are here. From single modules for small businesses to managing isles of server cabinets for the enterprise.

Flexible all the Way:

ZoneStruct can take an advisory role, step in module by module or lead the entire project - they’re here to help organisations of all sizes, even when it’s still just one person with dream.