Netsemblage are our website- and web application development team. Their solutions to maintaining an online presence are what the NAKARMA way is all about:

Built for cost reduction:

  • Built to be modular - each segment can operate independently as well as being easy to swap in- and out with 3rd party services. Invest in a single module - and expand as needs arise, or keep things as they are. No strings attached.

  • Built to be accessible - full package, bring your own design(er) or start simple - one module at a time, with freedom, independence and opportunity at every step.

Open Standards:

  • Built to run anywhere - giving you the freedom to get the best possible hosting and infrastructure deals.

  • Built to be interoperable with 3rd party solutions - ready for REST, GraphQL and gRPC.

  • Built to be self-contained - migration is as close to ‘copy-paste’ as it gets.

Built to scale:

  • Built for content delivery networks - publish once, deliver around the world through servers that are nearest to visitors and customers - at no extra cost. Start with a free hosting plan from a myriad of online providers and grow from there.

  • Built on native code (1) - serve up to 4 times the amount of visitors per server compared to solutions built on PHP, Python, Ruby or other scripting languages.

  • Built on native code (2) - ready for cloud and FAAS, no need to keep machines on standby like solutions built on .NET or Java - servers start in mere seconds.

Built to clean the planet:

  • Built for maximum resource efficiency - fewer servers to do the job, fewer servers sitting around doing nothing - fewer servers period.

Flexible all the way:

Aside from offering tangible services - the Netsemblage team are also available purely on a consulting basis. Migrate or start building your online presence with Netsemblage for a faster, cleaner, more secure and more affordable future.