NAKARMA’s experts and specialists are organised into various teams that are available to provide custom services and consulting for our customers. Our team profits are used to further our product and service related research and development projects.

Rather than being restrained by investor obligations or being forced to emphasise growth and profit over innovation and results, NAKARMA pays its own way.

NAKARMA was founded with very clear goals in mind: to address social and environmental issues, to attract the best and brightest for our projects and to deliver open solutions that are drop-in replacements - as well as a source of business opportunities for the world at large.

To fund our projects we take on customer projects - without commissions, kickbacks, reselling agreements, or special interest. Our eye isn’t towards building a large and dependent customer base. We’re looking to fund our research and development, to create the products and services that will set you and your business free. To engage the services of a NAKARMA Team is to invest in the future, while getting the best solutions ahead of time.

Our experts are masters of their respective domains - from software development and systems design, through legal and business management to copy writing, education and publishing.

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