Coduity is the ideal partner for all things related to code. From concept development, to web design, application development, deployment and maintenance. We make it our business to get things done properly right from the start: the Enterprise way.

Instead of delaying the inevitable, Coduity solutions avoid the many pitfalls further down the road. Whether a project has the potential to go global or not, the software and infrastructure will be ready for any eventuality.

We leverage the best of Enterprise DevOps, micro-services and cloud computing for every project, no matter the size. Our solutions can deploy to a single virtual server for a few dollars per month and scale to global deployment simply by adding capacity. No major changes to the software stack, no costly migrations, simply scale up and out.

We deploy our solutions exclusively with high performance native code, to get the most out of your infrastructure at the lowest possible price and the lowest carbon footprint. No vendor lock-in, no limitations. Our solutions run at peak efficiency and performance, no matter the target.