NAKARMA Solutions is the research and development branch of NAKARMA, focusing on key areas that affect human productivity and the global environment. Areas such as computing, eco- and business engineering.

We believe the key to a clean and stable environment is empowerment, such as lowering financial thresholds in business operations and knowledge acquisition. A crucial part of this is to simplify business infrastructure management, in order to facilitate access to global markets and remote customer bases.

To achieve these goals, we design our solutions to adhere to a principle we call ‘F.E.R.’

Fairness: Solutions must be fully compatible with open standards, impose no limitations on migration between platforms and prioritise interoperability with 3rd party solutions.

Empowerment: Solutions must offer a modular approach, being built to scale as well as allowing for gradual deployment rather than forcing lump sum investment or high-risk subscriptions. Solutions must also be designed to be inclusive, facilitating the development of community support networks, partnerships and the formation of 3rd party support businesses.

Responsibility: Solutions must be designed with minimal impact on the environment at each stage of their life cycle. From sourcing, production, shipping, handling and operation to decommissioning and recycling.