NAKARMA Solutions is the research and development arm of NAKARMA - focusing on key areas that affect human productivity and the global environment, such as computing, eco- and business engineering. As our philosophy states, we believe that humanity’s negative impact on the environment is for the most part rooted in unequal opportunity, disenfranchisment and lack of resources.

We believe that the key to a clean and stable environment is empowerment:

  • Lowering financial thresholds in business operation and knowledge acquisition

  • Simplifying business infrastructure management, business networking and productivity

  • Simplifying access to customer bases and markets

  • Increasing business opportunities in both activity and partnerships

  • Improving quality of life (nutrition, health, communication and entertainment)

To achieve these goals, we design our solutions to adhere to a principle we call ‘F.E.R.'

Fairness: No lock-in or dependency of any kind.

Solutions must be fully compatible with open standards and offer users complete freedom to migrate to other platforms as well as offering the ability to combine 3rd party solutions and platforms at will.

Empowerment: Low threshold and increased functionality.

  • Solutions must offer a modular approach - allowing for gradual deployment rather than lump-sum investmentor high-risk subscriptions.

  • Solutions must be designed to scale to industrial or enterprise levels without added cost or complexity beyond that of the first module(s).

  • Solutions must be designed to be inclusive - facilitating the development of community support networks, partnerships and the formation of 3rd party support businesses.

Responsibility: Minimise energy consumption, material waste and overproduction.

Solutions must be designed to reduce environmental impact at each phase of the solution’s life cycle; from sourcing materials, to production, shipping, handling, operation and retirement or recycling.

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