We’re a social enterprise startup that aims to address social and environmental issues

People First

We believe the best way to clean up the planet is to create opportunities, not restrictions.

We aim to develop solutions for social and environmental issues that change the status quo.

We aim to craft meaningful partnerships and build communities for a sensible tomorrow.

Our Focus


We are developing a number of exciting technologies in computing, business productivity and eco-engineering. When we’re ready these will all become available as open solutions, open source software and open hardware. We’re working hard to bring solutions to market that offer unmatched functionality as well as having the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Our solutions are designed as both drop-in replacements as well as hubs for people to build communities and businesses around. No dependencies, no planned obsolescence, no bottlenecks. We wish we could say more, but we’re not ready yet.

Online Education

In the meantime we aim to get things started by publishing a free online magazine that will help engineers and business owners to make changes that will save both money as well as the environment.

With regular news updates on all things tech and business as well as tutorials and guides, we’ll lay the groundwork for making systemic changes to business and engineering practices. We’re almost ready to launch our digital magazine, updates are soon to follow. See more on our activities section.

Our Activities

Digerty Logo

Digerty is our upcoming digital magazine, featuring news, tutorials, guides and articles of interest on all things tech and business.

With it we hope to guide both engineers and business owners to making informed decisions, as well as offering free assistance and training.

Whether it concerns general interest, troubleshooting, making career changes or staying in the know on business opportunities, Digerty will have something for everyone. We hope to be launching it in the coming weeks with a small selection of articles, with more to be added every week. The magazine will be available at digerty.com

Coduity Logo

Coduity helps businesses and projects of all sizes and scope to manage their IT and Web dependencies. Coduity offers a true full stack approach, from software and web development to infrastructure and prototyping.

Coduity solutions are built exclusively on high performance native code and technologies built for scale. Even the humblest projects may benefit from implementations that are ready to scale without incurring hidden scaling and migration costs further down the road. Coduity applies a single approach to all projects, the Enterprise approach.

From websites, (web) applications and product prototyping to distributed IT infrastructures, Coduity has the necessary expertise to get things done at the highest quality standards while sporting the lowest carbon footprint. Visit coduity.com


NAKARMA is a social enterprise initiative founded by a small but effective team of engineers and specialists. We’re a British initiative, headquartered in Hong Kong, but we are multicultural in composition.

What we share is our recognition of issues and concerns about the way things are done in the industries that shape modern life, such as IT, consumer / business electronics and their related fields.

We aim to disrupt the status quo in these industries, while offering a path to transition to alternative technologies and practices. We understand that as disruptive technologies evolve, so to must business methodologies and infrastructures.

Our business is focused on people, not profits. Needless to say this does not attract investors, nor are we eager to accept conventional investors that would force us to cut corners. We intend to pay our own way instead, by offering services, solutions and content of the highest quality. The proceeds of which will help to fund our research and development projects. These will in turn become available as open source, open hardware and open specification solutions.

We could all be working at large firms as most of us have in the past, but then it would be business as usual, with little or no change in the way things are done. Instead we envisioned NAKARMA, to do well by the global community and our planet.