Nakarma is a for-profit social enterprise that develops solutions and services to address the social and environmental issues that plague our global landscape. We believe that a great deal of these issues stem from unequal opportunities, disenfranchisement and lack of resources.

Running a business is difficult and costly, keeping up with trends and practices more so. It is no wonder that businesses are built on solutions and methods that are either inefficient or so costly that margins become paper thin across industries. In turn this leads to collective price hiking that only escalates the situation. Every business large or small is trapped in unreasonable dependency, reeling them in to practices of cutting corners just to stay afloat.

There are a lot of mouths to feed, mortgages to pay and professional skills to foster in this world. Things need to improve lest we destroy both our civilised ways and the natural world on which they rest.

NAKARMA is here to change the status quo - to bring opportunities, low cost and low carbon solutions as well as bringing innovation to life that would never get funded elsewhere.

We aim to bring enterprise solutions to businesses of all sizes:

  • We aim to make it possible for a farmer or shoemaker to sell their goods and services across the world just as easily as multinational corporations; independenly, cleanly and without anyone taking a slice.

  • To set up an office with small, low cost and efficient modules instead of large lump sum investments, subscriptions or restrictive licensing. Start with a module and add more as the business grows - from basement to global coporation. No payments to meet, no restrictions to obey, no dependencies.

  • To learn to overcome the challenges of technology, infrastructure and legislation - ensuring that everyone can get a fair chance at holding their own in the global marketplace.

We understand that disrupting established practices and technologies ordinarily creates a vacuum. So we develop our solutions according to principles of business engineering as much as we do to technical engineering. NAKARMA solutions are developed from the ground up to be inclusive - to encourage people to start service-based businesses around them. To help grow the NAKARMA way as well as growing a healthy and prosperous economy.

With business development underway - we will focus on health and nutrition next.

The NAKARMA way is to bring goodness into the global community. Empowering people with means and a clean and stable environment for us all.