NAKARMA is a social enterprise founded by a global team of experts, specialists and industry veterans for the purpose of addressing social and environmental issues. We’re a for-profit social enterprise, incorporated in Hong Kong, in a manner that allows realism to protect against the extinguishing of our idealism.

Being for-profit allows us to attract and pay the talented professionals we need to achieve our goals. It allows us to do business and pay our own way, so we can put resources into projects that traditional investors would avoid. It gives us the freedom of a commercial entity, without entrenched bureaucracy forcing us to focus on accounting over innovation as is generally the case with non-profits.

NAKARMA’s experts are organised into various teams that provide custom services and consulting for our customers. The profits of our teams are then used to further our product and service related research and development projects. We believe this approach gives us the edge we need to make a difference.

We don’t operate out of an obligation to investors that require us we cut corners in pursuit of quick profits.

We’re not beholden to stock holders to ensure year-on-year growth. We can instead offer services that no company under a traditional business model can provide. Our goal isn’t building a business empire, our goal is to mature our research projects into becoming free and open source solutions for the betterment of everyone.

We aren’t funded by donations, forcing us to follow guidelines for non-profit organisations. We can hire who we need or engage the services of 3rd parties as we see fit to get the job done.

Engaging the services of a NAKARMA Team means sponsoring open standards, open source, and open design solutions for a healthy economy and a clean world. Read more about NAKARMA’s corporate philosophy here.


In order to be as lean and cost effective as possible, we primarily do our work in the cloud as an interconnected series of digital offices. For some of our research projects we do utilise a variety of physical locations, but we aim to meet and greet our colleagues and customers online as much as possible.

We engage our customers and colleagues through web conferencing, VoIP and online collaboration tools. To engage our services however we refer you to our subsidiaries. To get in touch regarding other matters please fill out our contact form.

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